Notts palaeolimnologists meet in China

This summer some of us palaeo researchers; Suzanne McGowan, Ginnie Panizzo, Heather Moorhouse, Mark Stevenson and Sarah Roberts, from University of Nottingham attended the 13th International Palaeolimnology Symposium (IPS) conference held in Lanzhou, China. Ginnie, who is the International Palaeolimnology Association (IPA) Young Scientist Representative, organised the Early Career Researcher Workshop at the start of the conference, which provided a great opportunity for researchers to engage in discussions on writing manuscripts, writing funding applications and applying for academic jobs. At the conference Suzanne gave a keynote talk within the ‘Putting ecology back into Paleoecology’ session, Heather presented her work on the Windermere catchment, and was awarded the best student presentation prize, and both Mark and Sarah gave talks on their work on sediment cores from lakes in Greenland and Lake Baikal.


This was an excellent conference for us all to attend, with many interesting talks and posters in sessions including; lake sediments as recorders of human-environment interaction, new advances in applied stable isotopes, recent advances in biomarkers, and palaeolimnological work from Tibetan, Alpine, high-latitude, Polar and southeast Asian Lakes. We had a great time in China with fellow palaeolimnologists, attending talks throughout the day…and taking part in a bit of karaoke in the evening too!



Team get together at the AGU Meeting

Last month Dr George Swann, Prof Anson Mackay, Dr Virginia Panizzo and Sarah Roberts, travelled across to San Francisco to attend the American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meeting. This is a huge conference, which attracts tens of thousands of scientists each year from all around the world. AGU was an incredible opportunity to explore the on-going research within our fields, present our Baikal work and to discuss the work with other scientists – it was an extremely memorable and inspiring experience!

To find out more check out this recently published blog post: ‘Talking isotopes, state side…’ on the British Geological Survey (BGS) GeoBlogy…

Team get together at the QRA50

Happy New Year one and all. We have been very busy over the winter, analysing all of our samples that we collected from Lake Baikal in August last year. Sorry we have been a bit quiet recently.

To kick the year off all members of our research team gathered at the Quaternary Research Association‘s 50 anniversary meeting at the Royal Geographical Society last week. It was a great chance to catch up and show eachother our preliminary results, as well as see a number of familiar faces and talk new research perspectives.

Here is a picture of the Nottingham and UCL research group, gathered around one of our posters.


We are putting our heads down over the winter/spring months in preparation for Goldschmidt this coming summer in California but we hope to be in contact soon with some more pics from the summer fieldwork as well as some preliminary analyses. So watch this space…

The Olympic Torch and Lake Baikal

With the Olympic games launching in Sochi, Russia, next February, the Russian President has just received the Olympic torch in Moscow. President Putin has now outlined the route that the torch will take, travelling east accross the north of the country to Kamchatka before heading south, close to the Chinese border and then back again in a westerly direction by train to Sochi.

One of the torches highlights, is its proposed excursion to the depths of Lake Baikal!


Be sure to keep in touch on the latest developments, we are quite sure that there will be some pretty amazing!

Back in Irkutsk

So we have safely arrived in Irkutsk. To a wonderful reception of very warm weather. We met two of our new colleagues, Sasha and Paval, who will be joining Anson and Ginnie on their round trip along the main tributaries of Lake Baikal, sampling. They took us on a lovely walk around the town, stopping to cool off along the River Angara. 


After a good night’s rest, we are up and raring to go. We have lots of meetings today, finalising the plans for both parts of the expedition as well as re-packing our equipment for both legs and getting any final things that we need. So, more later!

Nearly there…

So we have safely arrived at Moscow airport. Amazingly, check-in with three large and overweight bags each went very smoothly. We have just picked our bags up in Moscow and checked them in again for our domestic flights to Irkutsk.

We have a 4 hr wait here now before the next leg, just time for a quick bite to eat and a drink. Oh and a quick post.


So greetings from Moscow. We will try to check-in with you all in tomorrow from Irkutsk. We have lots of things to do before we leave for Baikal!