BBC Radio 4 – Our March expedition

Want to find out more about Siberia’s Lake Baikal, one of the most important and interesting lakes in the world?

Well Dr. Anson Mackay has created a compilation of audio recordings for ‘The Deepest Lake on Earth: Exploring the environmental secrets’.

2013_Feb27-Mar20 Baikal Neutrino-LENA photo - 081

???????????????????????????????Find out more about our expedition last month by listening to Costing the Earth on BBC Radio 4 next week…

Happy Listening!



1 thought on “BBC Radio 4 – Our March expedition

  1. Hi Team Would you guys be up for giving a Talk on your expedition to Baikal ??? Sometime? We have a lovely Georgian Theatre in Stamford (Lincs) holds 170 people – STAMFORD ARTS CENTRE – we’d fill it – I’m sure. What an amazing story and Radio 4 programme. Just re- listening. Best wishes – Andrew Croft

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