Project Team Divided!

After a week in the field three members of the team left the Neutrino Base in order to start their trip back to Irkutsk for a series of meeting to further future collaborations between the University of Nottingham, University College London and Russian scientists. This includes planning our next field trip to Lake Baikal this summer (more news on this to follow).

The journey home was not entirely smooth….some deep snow patches to navigate¬†following the spell of bad weather….

P1020237Whilst we’re sad to be leaving Ginnie and Sarah behind for the next week (during which they’ll be completing our remaining experiments and collecting further samples for water chemistry analysis) we won’t be missing the trip to the long-drop (under the railway bridge, over the treacherous ice and up the slope to a wooden hut). They may be less happy when they realise that an anonymous colleague from London took the opportunity before we left to graze any remaining chocolate and savoury crisps/biscuits from the lab kunk.P1020183

However, before we left, both Ginnie and Sarah were treated to the arrival of some additional Swiss colleagues and to a rare sighting of a Siberian reindeer…. soon to be spotted lecturing back at Nottingham.2013-03-08 19.03.13


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