Friday 8th March – Happy Women’s Day!

Today the weather made a turn for the worst with lots of fine snow, low cloud cover and high speed winds. We tried to accompany the Swiss team on their trip to Neutrino Base Camp (5 km from land) in order to obtain their 1 year old, open sediment traps. However, we got within 1 km and had to abandon the expedition and retreat to the warmth of our kunks (cabins), hoping for better weather on Saturday.


This worked to our advantage as we had a lot of packing to do with three of our expedition party leaving on Saturday morning. Also, it meant that we had time to prepare for the party that we were all having that evening. The 8th March in Russia is a public holiday – Women’s Day (to many others, it is also known as International Women’s Day, although not as widely celebrated). So from Lake Baikal, a big shout out to all female scientists!


Following dinner, we were invited into the main Social Kunk in order to celebrate all together. Numerous toasts were made thanking all our colleaugues, the fortunate weather we had had up until that day and last but not least, to “all the girls”! A fantastic night had by all. Tomorrow could be a bit of a slow start……


One thought on “Friday 8th March – Happy Women’s Day!

  1. Indeed, happy International Women’s Day – one day late – from the USA! Here’s to your celebration bringing improved weather. Very much enjoying your blog — Marianne Moore

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