In the middle of the lake

Today felt a lot warmer as started off to our second site, located 17.5 km from the shore.


Here our Swiss and Russian colleagues continued to core, while we collected our water samples throughout the water column (from the surface to a max depth of 180 m).


At the same time, George was busy using the YSI probe at a separate ice hole, in order to gain a down column profile of multiple parameters (including dissolved oxygen, chl a, temperature, depth and pH).

All the filtering was a lot easier today as the conditions were warmer and we were able to do it from the luxury of inside the van.


This made a huge difference, as the day before all samples were freezing the minute they were poured into the filtration unit. This meant we had to abandon the procedure and transfer the samples to the lab where we could continue that evening.

All in all a good day in the field, although lots of hard work. We even had a bit of time on the way home to stop off at Neutrino to set up our Mesocosm experiments. But more on that later…



One thought on “In the middle of the lake

  1. We’re all loving the blog in the office Sarah et al. – it’s a great picture at the top of this page! We all hope it’s going well! Joe

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