First day on Lake Baikal

Sunday morning began with a fresh scenic mile long walk across the lake ice from our cabins to the Neutrino base site for some breakfast with the entire research team, before we started our planned fieldwork.

Our driver took us to our first fieldwork site at Neutrino, which was 4.5 km offshore. Once we arrived the team began drilling at the specific sites for sampling to begin. For our water sampling we had an ice borehole, which entailed sawing though the 80 cm thick ice and dragging out the ice blocks by hand so we had a wide enough ice hole to deploy our Van Dorn. This water sampler was lowered through the water column, to specific depths to give us insight into the water column chemistry and biological activity.



Meanwhile, our Swiss colleagues were operating the heavy equipment used for drilling at depths over a mile deep, to obtain sediment cores from the lake bottom.



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